• (missing) Winemaking as a Hobby:Ace, D. L. and Eakin, J. H. Penn State Univ., 1977, 78 pages.

A well illustrated general winemaking text. It covers; equipment and chemicals needed, in the making of table sparkling and various fruit wines, testing, bottling and aging. A good non-technical text for those using other fruits in addition to grapes.

 Compendium of Grape Diseases: The American Phytopathological Society, 1988, 93 pages.

This publication covers grape ailments and examines the effects of cultural practices. The color plates are very helpful, in identifying the various diseases of grapes.

 Winemaking with Elderberries: Belt, T. Edwin. The Amateur Winemaker Publications Ltd., 2nd impression, 1983.

Compares the nutritional values of Elderberries with grapes; gives history, legends, botanical classifications; covers cultivation of the elderberry; details methods of making different styles of elderberry wine; lists many recipes.

 The Vintage Years, The Story of High Tor Vineyards: Harper & Row, 1973, 227 pages.

Story of the operation of a "bandbox" winery on the Hudson River; a record of the author's adventure growing grapes and making wine. Covers the selection of varietals, cultivation and the winemaking process, discusses design and building of a winery, useful facts about equipment are included.

 • (missing) Modern Winemaking: Jackisch, Philip. Cornell University Press, 1986, 289 pages.

A comprehensive guide to the winemaking process, aimed at the amateur winemaker, with step-by-step coverage from acquiring grapes to evaluating finished wines. An excellent book.

 The Vintner's Art: Johnson, Hugh & Halliday, James. Simon & Schuster, 1992, 232 pages.

Exploring the influences of winemaking traditions, the effects of modern technology, and the latest thinking of winemakers from every continent.

 Growing Wine Grapes: McGrew, J. R., Loenholt, J. R., Zabadal, T., Hunt, A., and Amberg, H. 1993, 92 pg., Paperback.

Written by professional grape growers with many years of experience, under the auspices of the American Wine Society, aimed at the home vineyard, deals with site selection, choosing grape varieties, pruning, training vines, harvesting, and disease and pest control

 Basic Guide to Pruning: McGrew, J. R. The American Wine Society, 1978, 14 pg.

This special bulletin is intended primarily for the amateur wine maker who grows own root vines or who is experimenting with vinifera under less than ideal conditions. Because a quarter acre should produce the legal limit of 200 gallons, the author has suggested several techniques which may not be practical in a commercial vineyard.

 • (missing) Beginner's Book of Winemaking: Moorhead, Doug and Marlene of Presque Isle Wine Cellars, 49 pages

This book was published with an ulterior motive: they want you to make good wine and remain their customer. It gets you started in the right direction. In simple non-technical terms language it will guide you through the process from fruit selection to storage of the finished wine.

 Winegrowing in Eastern America An Illustrated Guide to Viniculture East of the Rockies: Morton, Lucie T. Cornell University Press, 1985, 217 pages.

A comprehensive guide devoted to winegrowing east of the Rockies, outlines the way s of growing healthy vines from site selection to training, growing and pruning, presents a realistic perspective based on the author's wide experience, raises questions about the wine grape business that neophytes must face.

 • (missing) Winemaking Basics: C. S. Ough D.Sc., MS. 1992, 335 pg., Paperback

Aimed at the serious home wine maker as well as the professional wine maker of a small or medium operation. Covers grape and concentrates, grape processing, fermentation, aging, bottling, storage, sensory evaluation, chemical analysis, information retrieval, additives, and contaminants.

 Sweet & Hard Cider: Making It, Using It, & Enjoying It: Proulx, Annie and Nichols, Lew. Garden Way Publishing. 1989, 188 pages.

How to ferment, distill, judge, drink and enjoy this historic beverage; instructions on how to blend different varieties of apples for cider; recipes for different styles; how to grow cider apples.

 The International Album of Wine: Schneider, Steven J. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1977, 288 pages.

Description of major wine regions of the world, buying and serving wine; how to read labels; description of wines and labels of major wine producers.

 Home Winemaking from A to Z: Zanelli, Leo. Harper & Row, Publishers, 1972, 135, pages.

Lists recipes for virtually all fruits and vegetables wines, and recipes for imitating generic commercial wines

 • (missing) Micro Vinification, A Practical Guide to Small Scale Wine Production: Dharmadhikari, Murli and Wilker, Karl

This book deals with the winemaking comprehensively without using jargon that only microbiologist or chemists understand.

The authors present an overview of the winemaking process with two very good flowcharts, which outline all the basic and optional steps for making white and red wines. These flowcharts lay out the entire process in a sequential, logical, and straightforward manor.

The biggest emphasis is placed on the “Productions of White and Red Wines. Each step in the process is discussed in detail with suggested variations for the different styles of wine. There are many charts and formula, which can be used to determine quantities of materials used in the production process.

The book covers all the basic procedures for “Wine and Must Analysis”, “Materials and Supplies” used in winemaking, “Facilities and Equipment”, cleaning and sanitizing, “Common Faults/Disorders, and Federal Regulations pertaining to winemaking at home.

This is a good reference for the serious home winemaker.

New Additions

Understanding Wine Technology by David Bird

Winery Technology and Operations by Dr. Yair Margalit

Cider Making and Using and Enjoying Sweet and Hard Cider by Annie Proulx and Lew Nichols

California Wines For Dummies by Ed McCarthy, CWE and Mary Ewing Mulligan, Master of

Home Brew by Philip Ward

Making Wine for Home Use by Karll L. Wilker, Tavis S. Harris, Madilyn B. Odnealand and Murli R. Dharmadhikari

How to Launch you Wine Career by Liz Thrich, PH.D and Brian D’Emilio